What the Fish (WTF) is renowned for our simply delicious, traditional, home-style cooked fish.

Our current food is the accumulation of many years of work across a variety of formats. Tried and tested by our specialist cooking team, we make sure that our commitment to quality and our desire to continually improve is upheld, all whilst keeping our food simple and delicious – as it should be.

We’re seizing opportunities in the fresh foods markets – using fresh ingredients sourced directly from incredible UK farmers and fishers.

As advocates of super fresh stock, we make sure we’re only serving the best. Our food is delivered each day from amazing suppliers in Peterhead and Grimsby, guaranteeing freshness.

With shops based in Acton, Hammersmith, and Sheen, we’re able to offer eat-in, takeaway, and online delivery services, providing a tasty option that suits all of our current and soon-to-be customers.

We take pride in offering a modern industrial interior, with simple touches running through to create a welcoming ambience and an addictive environment. Just as our food does, our locations offer an inviting, warm, hearty atmosphere – tailored to blend perfectly with conversations between friends & family.